About Us at Art Retro

The recent establishment of Art Retro’s vintage poster art e-shop is the realisation of a long dream of owner Brian Hannan.

About Art RetroBorn and raised in Napier N.Z.,famous worldwide as The Art Deco City, Brian has had a lifelong love affair with all things Art Nouveau and Art Deco, especially the advertising posters of 1890’s to 1940’s.

The style and art work in these posters is amazing. These were the outpourings of classically trained artists earning their everyday living.

The availability of good quality reproductions makes them very affordable and at Art Retro we have always thought they had huge appeal, presented creatively, as popular contemporary décor art.

The attraction is unabashed nostalgia – the yearning for a by-gone golden age when life was slower, less stressful, less complicated, more leisurely, and everyone knew their place in the world.

The individual styles of the various artists begs for an exciting and highly creative approach to the way they are presented and, especially when framed with French and Italian art deco mouldings, the result is really cool, stunningly imaginative and uniquely individual objects of décor art to suit all situations – home, office and workplace.

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